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NO means NO and when somebody says it you need to stop. And the woman could be your friend, your partner, your girlfriend, or a sex worker, or even if it’s your own wife,” Deepak Seghal, a well-played lawyer character played by Amitabh Bachchan.

Shoojit Sircar’s movie, PINK is a mirror of our society where our Indian women’s role in the society is being discriminated and strongly stereotyped. The title PINK, which symbolizes women showcased a different dimension in through movie. This movie symbolizes PINK as Bravery and Courage of a women!

All 3 characters in this movie changes the typical perspective of society on a women. They carry strong message within their character role in this movie. The stereotypical mindset of a society that this movie portrays the best are:

  • An independent women who stays separately from her parents is labelled as an ‘easy women’ for anyone to approach and if she has male friends visiting her at home, she might be ‘soliciting’ or she might be having ‘free sex’ with different partner – so she is being labelled as a bad girl who spoils the community
  • Women should not SMILE – if she smiles to a male friend or to a men it means she is INVITING or HINT of herself for being available.
  • If a male friend calls out for a party or outing, do not go! You are only allowed to follow a male friend to religious places. Other than that, you will be condemned because a woman should not go out with a man even for a cup of coffee.
  • If a woman are found drinking alcohol with a man, she is definitely asking for fun or want to have ‘sex’ with that person. Furthermore, if she is pouring her own drink that shows she are inviting.
  • Is a woman dressed in certain way or had sex before, she will be always ‘wanting to have sex’ with any man that she goes out with. There is no way for a ‘NO’ for her.
  • A women who is in a relationship and happens to be in a financial situation should not receive a single cent for any reason from her partner because it is ‘prostitution’ and ‘soliciting’, even though she pays him back.
  • A woman who wants to lodge a report upon molestation or sexual harassment is asked to withdraw the case and asked to leave the case to avoid getting it published which will tarnish her name, BUT a man who attempts to molest a woman gets his report lodged back-dated, twisted the scenario as soliciting and attempt to murder.
  • Ultimate rule from all of above is do not fight back if a man tries to touch you inappropriately. If the woman uses any kind force on a man who forcibly wanted to have sexual relationship with her, she might be charged under law for Attempt to Murder and Solicitation. Period!

An important scene in this movie that strikes deeply is that when Falak called Rajvir to apologise (to end the traumatic moments), Rajvir’s response with vulgar words towards Minal caused Falak to daringly stand up to face any consequences. Men will be men, full of ego who doesn’t like to be challenged by any woman. Next day, Falak’s picture was published widely on the net as a call girl, causing her to lose her job.

That it has taken Bollywood so long to make a movie which says it so clearly, without beating around the bush, without prevaricating or using obfuscatory language, tells us a great deal about the country we live in, and the social mores that its women have had to live by, buried under crippling patriarchy and misogyny and a sense of mistaken shame—if you are pawed or worse, you must have done something to provoke your molester. So cross your hands across your chest, put your head down, and keep shut, says Shubhra Gupta in

As a girl belonging to this century, she will have to keep our “boys safe” by acting responsibly and not as per any rule book – new or old.

This article has been written based on personal thoughts by Darshini Sitharam, who is currently serving as a Member of Youth Parliament in Malaysia.

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